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How to Recruit A-Players for Your Dream Team: Tips and Strategies for Successful Hiring

Recruiting a winning team is like navigating a treacherous maze. Every turn presents a new challenge, and finding the right people to aid in accelerating your growth is crucial.

So, what should be at the top of your wish list? A-players: individuals with the talent, drive, and dedication to propel your fledgling company to success.

But how do you identify these people during CV review and interviews? It's not as simple as checking boxes on a skills list.

Here are some traits that set A-players apart:

  • Focus on outcomes, not just tasks: A Players don’t wait to be told what to do. They take initiative, identify problems, and proactively seek solutions. 

  • Demonstrable evidence of learning and growth: A-players are scanning the horizon for new information and growth opportunities. They constantly seek the latest innovations, skills, and experiences to improve themselves and their work. 

  • Resilience and problem-solving skills: A-players don’t panic or freeze when they see obstacles. They're resourceful and think outside the box to find creative solutions to even the toughest challenges.

  • Passion and infectious enthusiasm: A-players are genuinely excited about the challenge in front of them, regardless of the company. They're not just working for the salary; they're invested in the company's goals and success. Their passion is contagious, motivating and inspiring those around them.

So, how do you attract and identify these people?

  • Craft a compelling job description, not just a list of responsibilities. Demonstrate the impact this role will have on the company's vision. 

  • Go beyond the experience on the CV: Look for evidence of initiative, ownership, and problem-solving skills. 

  • Involve your team: A-players can identify other A-players. Get your team involved in the interview process to assess if the candidate is a good fit for the team dynamic.

  • Pay attention to warning signs: Sometimes, people unwilling expose traits that don’t align with A-players.  Check their responses to emails, how they treat other members of staff during interviews and simple things like timekeeping and attention to detail.

Bonus tip: Don't forget the power of employee referrals. Your current A-players are likely to know other talented individuals who would be a great fit for your team. Leverage their network and tap into their talent pool.

Extra bonus tip: Use a trusted advisor or mentor who has hired A players to interview your final candidate. She or he will know.

Building a successful team won’t always happen via traditional recruiting processes. By focusing on finding and hiring A-players, you'll give your company the best chance to thrive.

Redimeer has a team of experienced consultants who are talking to people in your market every day.  We build lists of A-players and can quickly connect you to people who can continue and aid your team’s success.  Please contact me on to hear more about how we do this.


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